I tasted Swapna’s Black Forest Cake at a party and was instantly transported back to the flavors of my renowned bakery back home in India growing up. The flavors were spot on, fresh, moist and juicy.
From then on I only trust Swapna with my cake orders for kids birthdays and special occasions.
Swapna is truly gifted and her love and efforts are savored though each bite. The best feeling is when one can give back, and through my recommendation I wish to refer Swapna and wish her the very best in her endeavors to take cake baking to the next level.
‘She is a genius with the whisk and bakes with a twist.’
— Taz
Swapna, Thank you so much for making T’s birthday cake. It was yummylicious!! The minecraft cake looked beautiful. The sweetness was just right. The size was too big though. Thanks a ton!! Looking forward to A’s birthday cake this month.
— Madhu Gurthy
I highly recommend Swapna’s cakes to anyone. She knows how to make a dramatic eye catching cake that perfectly fits our vision plus the taste is unlike anything anyone has tasted. Her cakes have the warmth and nostalgia of its home kitchen roots. If u want to find a sweet spot for any moment just call her.
— Sameena
Thanks Swapna for the delicious goodies!! 
Your cup cakes were very moist and melted in mouth !!
The chocolate strawberry tarts were perfect Halloween treats .
They just disappeared right after I put out....
— Sangeetha
Thank you Swapna for the delicious cupcakes. All the flavors were outstanding especially chocolate ganache & strawberry mousse. Love your creativity and attention to detail in the cakes as well as all the decorations. Truly highlights your talent & love of baking. Keep whipping the extraordinary flavors.
— Kulveen
Swapna’s cakes was really delicious. They are very moist from inside and melt in your mouth. One of my favorite was chocolate cake filled with strawberry mouse. My kids just loved it. I would totally recommend having all cakes baked from Swapna. She is a professional in her job and always delivers on time. Wish you all the best Swapna!!!
— Jyoti
This cake was so amazing! All the guests at the party could not stop raving over the delicious lemon curd in the center! My dad was very disappointed that there were no leftovers! Not a crumb left!! He still asks me every time he sees a cake “ Is this from the place you got my surprise cake?”
— Heather Curtin Santry
Swapna adds a personal touch to every delectable cake she bakes. She is very talented and has a knack for making elegant cakes for special events in our lives and fun cakes to make every child’s desire of a dream cake come true.
Simply delicious
— Shruti
Everything is amazing you really raised the bar!! You are doing a great job. Lemon and raspberry flavors are amazing!
— Lisa
The pineapple upside down beats them all!
— Neetu
Strawberry tarts were amazing....Vanilla cupcake were awesome!
— Shefali
My favorites are the mango mousse cake & tiramisu.
The cakes are moist, fresh and true to the taste vs grocery store cakes which have a lot of artificial essence.
— Preeti Gandhi
I like all of your cakes I would not buy from any grocery store because they are no close to quality of your cakes. I love the pineapple upside down and tiramisu cake the most.
— Aman
I ordered pineapple upside down cake from Swapna for my housewarming party and it was an instant hit. Not a single crumb was left… The glistening slices of slightly caramelized pineapple sitting on top of the fluffy white butter cake was a treat for everyone! And I specially appreciated the attention Swapna provided to the decoration of the cake, which complimented a yummy and delicious cake that was baked to perfection. Thanks Swapna!!
— Susmita
How about “Loved the mini cupcakes...utter delight in a bite. My son still vividly remembers the soccer cake he had for his birthday. The decoration was just awesome!”
— Deepali
Swapna: You have a gift, not only your cakes are exquisite but they taste so much better. Your ideas are very unique and everyone who tries your cake is hooked!! Wish you all the best for many more delicious baking!!
— Dipankar Banerjee
Swapna’s creation not only taste very good but looks good too. Highly recommend her for her cakes
— Anu
The cakes are absolutely delicious and so beautifully decorated for every theme. They are out of the world in taste and love the way it just melts in the mouth.
I especially remember the cake you baked for Ronak’s birthday because it was gone in 60 seconds. Everybody just loved it !! 
I am also big fan of your Coffee cake, pineapple cake and of course the kids love your chocolate cakes!
— Priya
If you want cakes that look as great as they taste then Sugar n Spice is the place to go to. Each of their cakes and pastries is baked with the best ingredients, skill and the greatest attention to the smallest details which make them truly spectacular. My family and I have been lucky to have sampled their products on several occasions and we have never been disappointed. Each of their offerings is a labor of love. Try them out once and you will keep going back to them any time you crave a delicious home baked treat.
— Hutoxi
We loved the cupcakes you made for us! We had the chocolate and vanilla with buttercream frosting and they were both very moist and full of flavor. Your attention to detail with the Lego mold chocolates on top was very special. Will definitely be placing an order soon!
— Sharon
I have been ordering from Swapna for the past 4 years. She has never let us down. All of her cakes have been absolutely delicious and perfect. She knows exactly how to put a smile on my son and daughter’s face. Swapna can do just about any theme you shoot at her, and makes sure that perfection is included in every single one of her recipe.
— Sujitha Vishwanathan