Where there is food there is a way!!

So I have never been a blogger, but I have always enjoyed reading a good blog. I always find myself pining on pinterest and searching for good food blogs. Being such an addict of pinterest, I sometimes wonder, how did I ever manage growing up in the era with no internet.... only cookbooks and cooking shows on TV? I remember scribbling away recipes from food shows on TV and never being able to find my notes when I wanted them. Today, finding a good recipe and saving it for future use is just a click away. During my one such quest, I came cross a very interesting article on seriouseats.com. It was an article by Tara Austen Weaver on "why cook book clubs should be the new way we entertain". Now, I know that the idea of cook book clubs aren't very new, but I had heard it for the first time and was quiet intrigued by it. The idea of this club was to get-together with friends who like to cook and eat and make receipes from the same cookbook. I was totally impressed by the writer and her idea and decided to start one of my own. I messaged a bunch of friends and got everyone excited to this thought. It was something to look forward too during the cold dreary winter months. Our club was to meet in the New Years, but thanks to mother nature who showered us with loads of snow, the club date kept getting pushed and shoved till I realized it was March and we hadn't had even one single meeting.  We finally met last weekend. The turnover wasn't as good as I expected but hey atleast it was a start! I picked a blog called Iamafoodblog. We picked some interesting dishes: potato spinach soup, quinoa salad, oven roasted crispy honey garlic tofu, holiday quinoa, miso dijon green bean salad, lemon raspberry scones, sirach roasted cauliflower, broccoli tots, shrimp asparagus pizza, scoobi doc pasta with burrata and tomatoes, taco pull apart bread. Quiet a spread I would say. Happiness is getting together with your girl friends and sharing your recipes over drinks, laughter and endless chit chat. Looking forward to many such Sunday afternoons!